The Clowns Around Us.

Yesterday I was once again made aware of how the clowns amongst us essentially avoid conflict. When something other than gladness or joy is expressed, like fear, hurt or anger, the clown is quick to tell a joke or make a winsome remark.

The tactic is painfully obvious, superficial and in most cases downright annoying. With the others I gave the polite little smile, and eventually, when I walked away, I thought, “Shit! I should have said something.”

Another World

I listened to an interview with a woman who is deaf and an authority on lipreading. She spoke of how she is able to watch the Soccer World Cup and become aware of a world very few people see.

It’s the world of what the coach is actually saying to his players from the sideline, what the players are actually saying to the referee and each other, what the spectators are shouting at the ref and the players, and it just goes on and on. Imagine that? A whole new world just suddenly opening up with the power to lipread.

It just goes to show, developing and growing our senses, can take us in to a world beyond the one we so superficially experience and skip through.

An Unassuming Man

Today I attended the funeral of a quiet, gentle and unassuming man. Tributes to him all described the profound impact of his life on those around him.

As I listened, again it became very clear to me that a human life does not need to be loud and neon-like to be seen, heard and valued.

We said goodbye to Terry Harper, but he has left his beautiful presence embedded in us all and we’re the richer for that.

Big Egos – Soccer World Cup

I love the Soccer world Cup, but hell those egos, the size of the very stadiums they play in.

Image courtesy Pixabay
Image courtesy Pixabay

I watched one of the goalkeepers the other day chastise his defenders while taking quick glances at himself on the giant screen to see how he was coming across to the world. Obviously feeling his gesticulations were not showy and vigorous enough, he went in to what can only be described as a series of convulsions. Then, satisfied with his performance, he took his eyes off himself and went back to focusing on what he was there for, to stop the ball from slamming in to the back of the net.

The games are absolutely peppered with these little narcissistic glances and other egotistical shenanigans, but I must say it makes for great entertainment. I love it! It all just gives me a new found respect for the different team managers. Can you imagine managing all these spilling egos? Must be like trying to hold a porcupine. :)

Thoughts, Words and Images, and the Mystery in Living


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