A Break From Blogging

After giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from blogging. I just feel at the moment I need this break  and will return to it later. I hope the readers of this blog will understand as you have all come to mean so much to me. I certainly will return refreshed and I’m sure with greater creativity. See you all later.

A Shop with an Attitude

A clothing store in our mall persisted in belting out it’s music in to the passage way. It was intrusive and irritating.

A number of people complained and the response of the staff in the store was to place a notice in the window stating: “If you find the music too loud. then you’re too old.” 

Now how’s that for downright rudeness. Not easy to grasp or understand that kind of mentality.

Anyway we walked past the shop the other day. Needless to say it’s no longer there. It went out of business. Surprising? Not at all.  “Attitude” and doing business just don’t mix. They found that out the hard way.

Stillness and Movement

I’ve been reading for the third time John O’ Donohue’s book “Divine Beauty – The Invisible Embrace.” It’s just a masterful treatment of the whole concept of beauty. A few moments ago I found this gem:

Stillness is the canvass against which movement can become beautiful. We can only appreciate movement against the background of stillness. Were everything kinetic, we could not know what movement is. As sound is sistered to silence, movement is sistered to stillness.

I would go further and say it is only against the backdrop of stillness that we are able to truly discern and understand movement in whatever form it expresses itself. When our lives are simply movement without these discerning canvasses of stillness, they are always in danger of becoming frenetic nonsense.

A “Non-Visit” to the Movies

film-162028_640Jane and I visited our Mall the other day. On the spur of the moment we decided to see what was showing at the movie houses. Took the elevator to the top floor and walked along the line of posters advertising the different movies.

Every one of them, I mean every one, was an image of muscle-bound, gun-toting, absurdly tattooed and aggressive blobs of unredeemed masculinity, indiscriminately blowing up the world around them. Needless to say we left. So tired of this kind of crap and this in a nation labelled as one of the most violent in the world.

The saying goes that you can tell the soul of a nation by the way it treats its animals. Let me add another – you can tell the soul of a nation by the kind of movies dominating its entertainment circuits.

I think I’m getting old.