Closing Blog

After much thought I’ve decided to close my blog. This will be my lost post. I have enjoyed blogging immensely, but have now reached a moment where I know I need to let go. It hasn’t been an easy decision as I have built such great relationships with so many of you. That’s the hard part, but I know its right for me to do this. Thank you so much for what you have all meant to me and for taking the time to read my ramblings and nonsense over these past years. I have appreciated deeply all my contacts with each one of you and you have all enriched my life in ways beyond explanation. I shall certainly treasure all the memories of these special contacts and engagements.

I’m so enjoying my life in England and the new experiences and challenges that are coming my way. I find that I need to create time to engage with these, more. So, thank you from the depths of my heart, and I wish you all joy and happiness on this marvellous journey we call life.

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I’ve come to understand that absence lies at the heart of our seeing more clearly. It’s often in something’s absence that we suddenly begin to see, whatever it is, in a new light. Absence has this wonderful capacity to enhance our perceptions in ways that continued presence can’t. And so at times it is expedient that we absent ourselves from one another. I think it was Kahlil Gibran who said, “Let there be spaces in your togetherness.”

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“Cultivate balance. After all, there’s no such thing as a shadow without the involvement of light.”

– Erica Alex

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Stone and Leaves


The decaying leaves next to the permanence of rock are for me a symbol of transience and permanence. I’ve been touched by the age and presence of stone. Everywhere reminders of the past and the distant past stand firm and unmoved, but around these monoliths of time and memory , both great and small, is the ever changing and vulnerable elements of life. Being part of nature the question arises, is there some sort of permanence in our transient lives? Is there some part of us also encapsulated in “stone”?  I wonder?

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Outside the Window


Whenever I stand looking out of a window I’m reminded of being on the inside looking out. What I see is always limited by the frames of the window. The full picture is just not available to me. My seeing is perpetually constrained and limited. Therefore, all my perceptions are temporary and I can never dogmatize anything I see and experience. There is, and always will be, more. It’s the distinction between narrow sight and wide sight, or as others describe it, the distinction between small mind and big mind.

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“You must get in touch with your creativity” is a statement that doesn’t sit easily with me. The older I get the more I realize it’s the other way around; creativity ardently seeks to get in touch with us. It is always naturally seeking and moving out from within that dark, silent and invisible world of immense possibility, wanting to manifest itself in the visible world. Our task is to simply feel its urge and desire, to greet it with deep appreciation as it appears, and then take it by its hand and lead it in to that unfolding space of visibility. This little shift changed my entire understanding of creativity.

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The beauty of sunlight. Taken in the woods while exploring the light cast by the  late afternoon sun.

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