What Were They Talking About?

These statues of Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt in Old Bond Street are magnificent. There’s a casualness and a restfulness about them both. One can’t help but wonder what they were talking about. The story goes that Clementine and Eleanor were shopping in Asprey Jewellers, an exclusive shop diagonally behind them. So both men were sitting and chatting waiting for their wives to finish their Churchill and Rooseveldtshopping.



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Lights Outside a Pub

Not just lights, but works of art. So admire the gift and creativity in the hands that created them.

Lights Outside Pub

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Autumn Colours

Had a wonderful time with my Camera.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves and benches

Autumn Leaves and portal

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Back Online

Our internet line has finally been sorted out. It’s good to be back and I know I have missed much on your blogs, but I will try and gradually catch up. Meanwhile, I have been absolutely captivated by the colours of Autumn in the UK. What a wonderful time of the year it is. In the past we made numerous visits to the UK in November and I just can’t get over how warm it still is. Yesterday I did my daily walk in only a thin jersey, but today is a little different, it’s certainly more of a November temperature. Any way, let me say it again, it’s good to be back. :-)

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Problems With Internet

Sorry about not being around, but we’re having serious difficulties with our internet. Not sure when this is going to be resolved. Was able to sneak this post in.

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All Four In A Row

Some Scenes from Hyde Park. I love the place.

Heron and Commorants 1-3198

Leisure and rest 2-3194

Trees and shrubs 2


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“Back To The Future”

Happy Marty McFly Day to all.

I have ┬ásuch wonderful memories of sitting on the couch with our two boys watching the Trilogy “Back To The Future.”

Do you remember this?

Dr. Emmett Brown: Who’s President of the United States in 1985?

Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan!

Dr. Emmett Brown: Ronald Reagan?! The actor?! Ha! Then who’s Vice President? Jerry Lewis?

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