Our Mortality


I was walking through a churchyard and stumbled on this little scene. Coming face to face with our mortality can be freeing, especially when we’ve grown too serious and intense about life.

Finding a Lost Part


The other day I found a pen I thought I had lost and felt such a sense of celebration. It had been part of a special period in my personal history, hence the joy. 

It got me thinking about those wonderful moments when we suddenly find a lost part of ourselves and have the joy of integrating it back into our lives. It’s often the very wound itself caused by the loss, that points and guides us back to that part.

I couldn’t help thinking of this when I took the above image.I think its true to say that when you look carefully through the wound, you actually see what was lost and where it fits.

That Moment


That moment:

When you realize that your closeness to another human being is mysteriously nurtured by the infinite distance between you both.

From My Notebook


Some words from Eckhart Tolle I’ve found to be deeply meaningful. Not easy to live out, but I believe, to be at the heart of life.