“Here Comes The Sun” – The Song

English: I took this years ago at Wembley, Geo...

English: I took this years ago at Wembley, George is singing “Here Comes the Sun”. Category:George Harrison Category:The Beatles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jane and I were driving to the mall the other day. Suddenly that wonderful little song by the Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” graced the radio. We just lapped it up. I’m always surprised how whenever I hear the song, the lyrics are still there in my head. I’ve never forgotten them. Here’s a few:

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Living in a country where the sun was a constant companion, I remember being a little baffled by some of the lyrics –“Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here, Here comes the sun” – seemed a little strange, but you never asked questions about lyrics while listening to music, especially if was The Beatles.

In the last 13 years or so we’ve spent quite a bit of time in England with our boys, and during this time the lyrics of this song have taken on a whole new meaning. I’ve experienced something of the long cold English Winter and the faces dulled by it. But I’ve also experienced the coming of the sun in an English Summer and the awakening of peoples’ faces. Now I know more fully what George Harrison was getting at when he wrote the song, and that feels good, almost as if I’ve discovered something new about an old friend.

In all of this the thought came to me of just how important context is in our ability to grasp meaning in life, whether that be in literature, music, art or even in our relationships. Understanding the context of things will always provide “Here Comes The Sun” experiences of deeper awareness and appreciation. So, thank you George. You always put a smile on my face.


About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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20 Responses to “Here Comes The Sun” – The Song

  1. Terry says:

    Its all right, sun sun sun here it comes – now its stuck in my head too! Mid winter is about the only time I get to see the sun rise every morning. I can do it in the summer but I have to prepare, alarms and early to bed. Its when that beautiful orange ball rises above the sea that that song plays in my mind. That and “Good morning Mr Sun, your day has just begun ……” Which radio station do you listen to, I never hear any oldies anymore!


    • Don says:

      Terry, when you speak of that beautiful orange ball rising out of the sea, I can see it. I love watching it on the mornings I can. It’s a wonderful gift we have here.I’m glad its stuck in your head too.


  2. Interesting observation about us and the sun! Certainly, we all brighten up when the sun shines! I was woken at about 5.30 this morning by the sun streaming in through the curtains, first time in weeks!
    And that song …it’s the one Mr S and I met to at college 45 years and 8 months ago! In August we will have been married for 45 years! 🙂


  3. Greg. says:

    George was special. The melody is beautiful and the chord progressions all make it a lovely song. Sinatra said “Something”
    was the best love song ever written. Way to go George.


    • Don says:

      I too love the chord progressions in the song, Greg. I think they’re brilliant. So simple yet so smart. “Way to go George.” Correct me if I’m wrong but those words ring a bell. Didn’t Donovan use them on one of his cuts when he was speaking about George Harrison – I think the Hurdy gurdy man.


  4. darrelhoff says:

    Reminds me of this song by the Parlotones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIXZ7tvG7gA&feature=related

    I was in Poland (Gedansk) with my friend, it was freezing, covered in snow and as we walked in the winter struck sun, i heard these lyrics in my head. I like that. Music is made in vaious cultures…


  5. Greg. says:

    I have the dvd Dont Look Back where Donovan meets Dylan in 1965 in a London hotel, sings a number, Dylan replies with “Its all over now Baby Blue” magical moments. But I so loved his song “Catch the Wind” “in the chilly hours and minutes, of uncertainty, I long to be, in the warm hold of your loving mind..
    when the rain has hung the leaves with tears, I want you near, to ease my fear, to help me to leave all my blues behind, for me to love you now, would be the sweetest thing, would make me sing, ah but I may as well try and catch the wind….


  6. Don says:

    Hell Greg, “Catch the Wind” is one of my favourites. The lyrics are just beautiful. Love his music. Those guys were real poets. Their lyrics were wonderful. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.


  7. jenaquaria says:

    Thanks, Don – I was (am) a Beatles lover of the 60s and 70s – in the 80s their music became a bit weird! 🙂 Number 9, etc.
    Yes, the English sun is decidedly shy! We are sooooo fortunate here. Blessings to you.


  8. ladyfi says:

    That IS a great son! I grew up in hot countries, but now that I live in Sweden, I really understand the message of this song too.


    • Don says:

      Fiona, what exactly is it like in Sweden. Do you have long hours of darkness? Is it completely dark? Do you have long periods of light? How often do you see the sun? I’m asking because we hear so many stories and I think they are more than often tainted with little embellishments.


  9. Geraldien Coetzee says:

    Thanks Don I have always loved their music and that song in particular. Can you imagine if they had all the modern equipment that the musicans have today what they could have done. In Bloem today it is cold and raining, I would love to sing Here comes the Sun. Love to Jane. Geraldine


    • Don says:

      That’s right Geraldien – can you imagine! May the clouds break over Bloem and may that song pour from your lips. I suppose we really enjoy that song because it somehow, with its simplicity, speaks deeply in to us all.


  10. “Understanding the context of things will always provide “Here Comes The Sun” experiences of deeper awareness and appreciation.”

    Love it!


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