Contemplative Doodling – Ingenuity

thinking 1



Civilization has been built on this thought. How often does it visit our hearts and minds?


About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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15 Responses to Contemplative Doodling – Ingenuity

  1. Holli says:

    I think there is a balance- sometimes messing with something changes the integrity of it to the point where it isn’t better. Having said this, change can also be really good. It is a source of motivation isn’t it? It can be like a metamorphosis of sorts.


  2. nrhatch says:

    Yes! How to build a better . . . whatchamaccallit!

    Love your doodle. I find that the best way to draw realistic people is to have them stash their hands behind their back. 😉


  3. Don says:

    Especially when you draw hands that look like spiders.


  4. Doodling is my go-to response when I’m waiting in the doctor’s or dentist’s office, when I’m sitting in a long meeting or anxiously awaiting a phone call and just have to do something. Your doodle is great, Don, but I’d really like to those spider-like hands!


  5. Hudson Howl says:

    Don de Doddler (me, I tend to tinker, but a fine doodler you ‘is’), I will say to you, hearts and minds would have preferred a three-way with ingenuity. Then again, what if there were no minds. leaving hearts and ingenuity free to their own devices. Would the so called birth of civilization look different? Better? Doesn’t matter. We are a creature of necessity an Ingenuity is the little brother. Seems we’re at the point where Big Brother Necessity must attempt to go back and fix that which Little Brother broke along the way. Apparently, Big Bother is developing a conscience: I have hope as you can see. Civilization, is an ever evolving notion, that perhaps is never reached -we negotiate along the stream/path/string by stepping, leaping, teetering, going back and forth, following the course -but will we ever know where the hell it is we’re going? Is it a matter of making things better or more out of survival? It is not that either or is right or wrong, it is the consequences an outcomes which seem to dictate our journey. Simply a moth to the flame and incapable of a threesome. I agree with Holli an I hope for balance, compromise and integrity between the Three Amigos.

    To quote HH, “in the meadow, weeds become roses and roses are held suspect”.


    • Don says:

      I wonder what a doddler is? 🙂 You make an interesting point, Hudson. What would civilization look like built solely on mind or on heart. I think we are coming out of a phase where mind has been dominant. Scientism has been its result. What we’re seeing now is a greater unity between both mind and heart with an emphasis on heart seeking to balance it all out in to a more holistic whole. I also agree with you in believing that it doesn’t simply progress, but does all the things you’ve mentioned. Very thoughtful comment Hudson – thank you.


  6. Hudson Howl says:

    ooops should have been Don de Doodler, am sure you not a doddler.


  7. ptero9 says:

    Hi Don,
    I think this is where a deep interest in history and mythology can help us to know the past better, instead of the current tendency to dismiss and disown the horrors of the past (as if we don’t have our own horrors). Humans are just as capable now of inflicting pain and suffering on each other and the environment as they were 4 centuries ago.
    Mythology can help us recognize the influence of ideas, even seemingly good ones, and that good intentions in any age don’t always translate into good actions and results.
    Love the doodle, self portrait or?


  8. Don says:

    Yes I warm to that Debra. One of the deeply troubling things for me is the virtual non-relationship to history in the younger generation, I sound like an old fart don’t I? I can only speak of this within the context of our own nation. I also warm to your way of seeing the role of mythology. In my opinion we neglect mythology at our peril. No where do we read the human psyche so well as in the mythology it creates. I must say I find it hard to grasp this move to do away with mythology. I’m a great fan of Ken Wilber but find his stance on this a little puzzling. Perhaps I do him an injustice by not grasping yet what he actually means. Thanks for a great comment.


  9. I wish I would think about it a little more, instead of being on auto pilot.


  10. ladyfi says:

    I think the thought comes quite often, but the problem is we don’t ACT on it.


  11. Don says:

    I agree with you Fiona. Thank you.


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