Clouds, Television and a Story

 Courtesy Pixabay

Courtesy Pixabay

While watching an episode in a TV series, a particular scene grabbed me.

A mother has a quiet moment with her daughter. She tells her that if she looks up at the clouds long enough, they’ll turn in to shapes, and if she strings these shapes together they’ll make a story. The daughter gives the mother a rather quizzical look and responds with the words, “Thank God for TV.”

My immediate response was to chuckle, and I did, but then saw something of the sadness in her response.

The nurturing of youthful creativity is, as is the nurturing of all creativity,  too precious to be starved and impeded by the demand to have it placed on a plate before you.



About Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in the United Kingdom. I have a deep love for nature and open spaces and one of my great loves in life is sketching, particularly in pen and water colour and occasionally in pencil. I’m quite new at the art and I sketch mainly from photographs I’ve taken, but also enjoy outdoor sketching. My sketchbooks, although no great shakes, are important to me and I decided to create my blog in order to share some of their contents with those who may be interested.
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30 Responses to Clouds, Television and a Story

  1. josna says:

    What a terrific post, Don. Yes it is funny, and terribly sad as well.


  2. We would not have the Zodiac if the ancients had had tv, apparently.


  3. Anonymous says:

    In a lot of ways the .T.V. has been my tutor and has opened up knowledge to me in a good way but as someone wiser than me once
    said about ambition “ïts a good servant but a bad master” I kind of think that applies to the T.V too. .


  4. ladyfi says:

    So very sad – without creativity… where will this world end up?


  5. Wise Wise Words! Thank you.


  6. Val Boyko says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Don! So wise. Val x


  7. nrhatch says:

    I like the photo of that cloud bear, looking east, trying to spy a swarm of bees . . . with the promise of honey for breakfast!


  8. I used to spend hours laying in the grass looking up at the clouds, well into my adulthood!


  9. My first response was to chuckle, too, Don. But there is a sad undertone; for all the “advanced” technology and teaching tools we have now, along the way we have sacrificed bits and pieces of spontaneous and genuine creativity.


    • Don says:

      You’re so right Marylin. I love technology as long as it doesn’t begin to master us, It’s those sacrificed bits you speak of that often worry me. 🙂 Thank you.


  10. Don, my teen daughter and I find shapes in the clouds while we sit in our little courtyard. It helped that we limited their use of technology when they were little. They thank us now. (She loves to write too.) I always appreciate your thought provoking posts.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  11. Shweta says:

    I chuckled too while reading daughter’s response.It’s sad how our creativity/imagination sometimes gets restricted. In that sense technology is both a blessing and bane!


  12. darrelhoff says:

    Working with youth i see that teens to lack imagination… its a pity..


  13. sf says:

    I woulda chuckled and then felt sad along with ya.


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