The Relief of Laughter

20141116.1“Come Dine With Me” is a TV series where four or five contestants are each given a chance, for points, to entertain the others with a meal in their homes. The conversations that go on at these dinner tables are quite something to listen to.

At one table on last night’s programme, the host, wanting to invoke conversation, asked the question, “What would you do if you were given one day to rule the world?” One person dived in and said he would arrange and take everyone in the world to a gigantic party in Vegas. Everybody laughed. Another said she would provide healing for everyone who needed it. Aaah! So nice, said the others. Another guy said he would build houses for all who didn’t have homes. Aaah! What a thoughtful thing to do, came the response. Then a petite and demur little woman, sitting rather quietly, said with surprised gusto that she would round up all those who had committed horrendous crimes and hang the whole bloody lot of them. An uncomfortable silence. Nobody spoke. Then, after an embarrassing pause, the Vegas party arranger shifted in his chair and mumbled, “Well, I suppose that’s one way of giving the world a spring clean.” Silence. Unable to contain himself the home builder suddenly burst out laughing. The others followed. The demur little woman sat in bewilderment. What! she said.

I have to tell you, I sat at that table and shared in their discomfort (tongue in cheek, I might add), but also in the sheer relief of their laughter. πŸ™‚


About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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32 Responses to The Relief of Laughter

  1. josna says:

    Terrific premise for a reality show! Yes, laughter can be such a relief–and a safety valve, too. I tend to take everything way too seriously, and sometimes you just have to see the funny–or at least, the absurd–side of things. I find that hard because my first reaction is to get all indignant and preach-y. Thanks, as always, Don.


    • Don says:

      I know the feeling Josna. I also tend to do that at times. I think that there are moments when absurdities can become so absurd that the only way to deal with them is through laughter. Thanks Josna. Hope you’re keeping well.

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  2. valleygrail says:

    Humor, the great pressure valve in tense situations. I find something funny in just about everything people say, and it helps keep things in perspective.


  3. timelesslady says:

    I love this show…but can’t seem to find it in my area. I have found some clips of it on Youtube though. Thanks for reminding me of how much I enjoy watching this show.

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  4. Hariod Brawn says:

    It can be so funny when someone innocently leaps across the collective sensibility with a faux-pas, the look on the offender’s face a mixture of confusion and embarrassment, whilst our own borders of civility evaporate and we are left teetering and tittering upon unknown territory.


  5. Sounds like an awkward and uncomfortable moment. Who knows what she has endured or seen in her life, though, to prompt her to say something like that – we just never know…
    Diana xo


  6. nrhatch says:

    I love to laugh ~ it’s an ice breaker and a tension diffuser if we laugh WITH, not AT.

    I couldn’t tell if the home builder was laughing at the “spring clean” comment or poking fun at the 24-hour plan to eliminate some detritus. In either event, I quite like her spring cleaning plan.

    One day is not long enough to heal the sick or house the homeless but 24 hours would make quite a dent in ridding the world of many who’ve committed horrendous crimes.


  7. Susan Feniak says:

    Thank goodness for laughter! It clears the air when it is much needed. πŸ™‚


  8. seaangel4444 says:

    What a brilliant show, Don! I do like the fact the woman spoke her mind, bless her! I am sure a lot of others watching were thinking the same thing, but wouldn’t be able to express it out loud! Laughter certainly eases situations, doesn’t it? I’d love to see this show! Cher xo


  9. cindy knoke says:

    What a clever idea!

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  10. ViewPacific says:

    I love laughter. I’ve even been in many laughter yoga sessions and laughter clubs, and it’s energizing and healthy stuff.
    I’ve also laughed out of nervousness or not knowing how else to react. It’s been a convenient defense, although doesn’t always honor or respect whatever tweaked me.
    Since this was a TV program, and most of those seem to be about entertainment value, talking about the elephant nobody wants to hear about may not increase their ratings and profits for their sponsors.
    However, in a real and authentic conversation, doesn’t it further things to be open to a wide range of views, and drop the judgement about whether the view is weird, scandalous, unpopular, or some other label?
    I don’t happen to believe in capital punishment.
    Yet, being open to listening to what’s behind her statement, we might all learn something new.
    Loving kindness comes from acceptance, not conversion.

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    • Don says:

      Thanks Vincent. I liked what you said about the importance of laughter and some of the reasons why we use laughter.

      I was really just telling the event as it happened and the funniness of it all. I wasn’t thinking about moral stances of being judgemental, or really having to listen to what people are saying in terms of their views, or the pro and cons of capital punishment etc. It was just a very human and funny moment and that’s how I experienced it, and I think they experienced it that way as well. Appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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  11. Laughter is a wonderful remedy for all sorts of situations! And good for the soul! Thanks Don.


  12. Mary says:

    Nothing like a good, hearty laugh from the belly!


  13. I’m still smiling at the demure lady’s answer. Hey, that would make room for all those houses being built, right? πŸ˜‰
    Plus, someone has to do a slam dunk on horrendous criminals!


  14. A good laugh often saves a situation. This time it maybe covered horror at what had just been said . I do enjoy the show! πŸ™‚


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