A Memory

I was given a memory today of work I had done some thirty years ago. As my thoughts were carried back to those events, I saw a young, energetic and glowing idealist launching out in to the unknown and working with such fervour, that it looked as if he would go up in flames at any moment. Today, having experienced the uncertainties and the struggles of life, I find myself in that ghostly realm between idealism and realism not quite sure which one to hold on to. Perhaps it’s both. That certainly sounds more realistic and whole, but I must confess there are times when I hear the whispers of that glowing young person and I want to take his hand and launch out with him again.


About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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57 Responses to A Memory

  1. Tim Attwell says:

    Evocative thoughts Don, thank you. The great thing about being thirty, or forty or more years on, is that at last one is free to do and say and be what one set out to do, say and be in the first place!


  2. I think you have expressed a valid sentiment Don and many people feel like this as life changes.

    As I change and get older, I have realised my greatest challenge is not looking for the ideal or perfect life. It is figuring out who I am here and now and finding what I love doing the most. Once I started doing this (which I am) it extends into every part of my life and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

    Our passion for life is what keeps us feeling young and I am sure that “energetic glowing idealist” is still within you!


  3. Hariod Brawn says:

    Something deep to consider here Don, and as usual, you offer far more than that which first appears to be the case. On initial pondering: Our younger self imagines it will carry forward in time with its plans and their imagined fruits, only for the older self to discover that it did not. Yet the older self still wants a plan with fruitions, just as its younger sibling did, and even though it too will not persist into the future. Perhaps then, our task is to disentangle these disappearing selves from our plans and their possible outcomes? The problem is, that too presumes a self with a plan; so you are right, we need to stand in a “ghostly realm”, willing to proceed with a planner-less plan, one which produces fruit, yet for no one (imagined) self to possess.

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    I think hanging onto both is important Don. I remember early days like you describe here. Those memories are important. I like to think of it like the first stage of the rocket. It got us here but this is where the important work happens.

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    By the way, the like button ixNay loading 😦


  6. davecenker says:

    Right there with you Don – right there with you 🙂 Those -isms will get us every time, the struggle between ideal and real. I saw a quote the other day – creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.

    It seems to be, as always, a delicate balance between the ideal and the real. But, I’m with you. I find myself, more and more, pining for the opportunity to take the hand of my younger self and head out on a grand adventure. Stay inspired and keep reaching beyond the realm of the real and into the world of ideal 😉

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  7. Mary says:

    I love your memory and feelings Don. To me it’s the ying and yang of life, of young and old fevers of xuberance that is the fire and spirit of mind and body. For me it is the thirst that I hope stays within me for a long time to come. Great post to start the week Don.


  8. I hear you on this Don! Life seems to slowly but surely beat the idealism out of us. It is hard to stay outraged about issues that are important to us over a long period of time, eventually we look the other way, for sanity’s sake and try to find peace in our immediate space.

    More accurately though, I think we step away and then come back to certain things when we are refreshed and reenergized – an ebb and flow kind of rhythm What do you think? ❤
    Diana xo

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    • Don says:

      Yes, I like what you say Diana. With age one does come back to certain things but you see them with different eyes and your response to them is different. I suspect it’s a, dare I say this, more sane and balanced response.It’s as if there is a dialogue that goes on between the the older and younger which gives rise to a more wise and deeper response without the need to always want to act. – I think. 🙂

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  9. megdekorne says:

    Don , mind and heart provoking post …” All is One ” …love xxxmeg


  10. Rhonda says:

    “there are times when I hear the whispers of that glowing young person and I want to take his hand and launch out with him again”
    The last word of that sentence says it all…again. This speaks of a man still filled with that glow and not of one darkened with regret. This is always a good thing, and it sounds like it’s time for an adventure Don.


  11. Bill says:

    Deep thoughts. If I could take what I know now and go back and start over with that knowledge I wonder where I would be today? I can only imagine!


  12. Val Boyko says:

    I love the comments that have been made. Thank you for sparking this conversation Don.
    I think as we get older, one of the gifts we have is embracing all aspects of ourselves and our experience.
    … and practicing kind-sight rather than hindsight!
    Finding something to be passionate about is just as important now … with a knowing that the effort and passion is enough rather than having a particular outcome in mind.

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  13. nrhatch says:

    Many of us set out to change the world . . . only to find (decades later) that the world changed us.

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  14. Beautiful piece. I think in our youth we can’t see how to create the things we can imagine, but we have this enthusiasm to try anyway. If we remain open as we age we can far better see how to use our energy wisely to create the things we desire, the operative phrase being “remain open”. We are gifted with vision and wisdom as we get older, but the price for its use is constantly working at holding our mind’s open. I am often aware of how much work this is, but I am always rewarded for the effort.

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  15. Val Boyko says:

    Thank you Don for setting up the like buttons for comments. I like and love!

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  16. calvin says:

    Don, have another glass of wine, put your feet up and watch the sun set. In the morning reach back and ask young Icarus if he knows the difference between idealism and realism .


  17. This is so real, Don, so well stated and a strong reminder of memories many of us have. Well done.

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  18. Love your thought-provoking entry, Don and so many wonderful responses to it.


  19. tomsimard says:

    “I must confess there are times when I hear the whispers of that glowing young person and I want to take his hand and launch out with him again.”

    I like the sound of that.


    • Don says:

      Thanks Tom. Good to hear from you. Nice to know you’re still around.


      • tomsimard says:

        It’s nice to have time again to visit your blog. Been on the road, and gearing up (like you) for a major move (another job in another country), and there are a million and one things I’ve got to figure/sort out. I’ve never been much good at multitasking, which explains my absence.


  20. I’ve often wondered if I would go back to my youthful self if I could. I know for sure I would be appalled at the “closet” I lived in for so many of those younger years – but, hey, what I wouldn’t give for that body today!!!! 🙂


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  22. beeblu says:

    Your words have made me realize that, unlike you, I’m glad I’ve left that younger me behind


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