Back To Some Sketching

Finally got back to some sketching and drawing. I’ve missed it and have just not had time to do any. Enjoyed picking up pencils and ink again.

Trees and shrubs 2-


About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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26 Responses to Back To Some Sketching

  1. ladyfi says:

    That is just lovely!


  2. Kathy says:

    Ah, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Beautiful sketch, love the movement in the sky and the connection to the solid, safe earth. Your plants look snug and settled (like you, I guess 🙂 ). Your wall is a sculpture all on its own. Did you do this outdoors?


    • Don says:

      Hi Kathy. Yes we are pretty settled. Love the UK. It was drawn from a photograph I took. Hope you are well. So good hearing from you again.


      • Kathy says:

        Thanks, Don. May I email you pics of the paintings I’ve done ? I’d love to talk art with you. It has changed my life 🙂


  3. Dan Antion says:

    That is very nice Don. I wish I could draw even a small fraction as well. I like that a lot.

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  4. Yay. I am happy you are back sketching Don. I love your work. Is this piece captured in your mind or a place in London?


  5. Hariod Brawn says:

    I really warm to your drawing style Don; you create such a skilfully-crafted, uncontrived sense of intimacy – the work is fully alive, and without the deadening hand of over-wrought technique.


  6. calvin says:

    Have pencil will travel. A simple pencil sketch; yoga for the mind. Am sure your neurons appreciated the exercise. The end results a peaceful landscape, where a pile of rocks no longer pragmatic.


  7. Val Boyko says:

    Yeah! You haven’t lost your touch Don. 😌


  8. I love your drawings, Don, so I’m glad to see your art again. This is very nice.


  9. Oh, thank goodness you have picked up the tools of your trade again, Don!! I have missed your drawings – this one is lovely.


  10. I always enjoy seeing your wonderful artwork, Don. Drawing is so relaxing and rewarding. Good on you.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


  11. Mary says:

    I’m always amazed with your art – wonderful work Don. The clouds are not over done and the tree structure is really the star of the show. Yeah – glad the you found your way to drawing once again.


  12. joshi daniel says:

    that is wonderful 🙂


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