Reflecting Beauty

The ordinary in our homes reflecting balance, beauty and presence.Window Blinds-3248



About Don

I love life. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not. Discerning its underlying patterns and beauty always provides great reward and meaning and is a passion I ineptly follow. I feel deeply attached to nature and love the sea with its distinct moods and colour and find walking along its beaches wonderfully inspiring. Writing, sketching and photography is a sheer joy for me and the blog is one of the places I am able to express these pursuits.
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18 Responses to Reflecting Beauty

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    Deliciously subtle tonal variations Don – many congratulations on a fine capture.


  2. Oh yes! Simple beauty – right up my street and beautifully captured. 🙂


  3. Love that it is the ordinary that accomplishes this. Cool photo Don. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    That’s a wonderful photo Don. I like everything about it. You have a very good eye for composition and light.


  5. nrhatch says:

    Pear drops floating in a sea of gray.

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  6. Val Boyko says:

    I love that you chose to capture this … and that the outcome was so cool!


  7. There is beauty in everything. You have captured it well Don.


  8. ladyfi says:

    So very beautiful!


  9. And patient preparation, too.


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