Stone and Leaves


The decaying leaves next to the permanence of rock are for me a symbol of transience and permanence. I’ve been touched by the age and presence of stone. Everywhere reminders of the past and the distant past stand firm and unmoved, but around these monoliths of time and memory , both great and small, is the ever changing and vulnerable elements of life. Being part of nature the question arises, is there some sort of permanence in our transient lives? Is there some part of us also encapsulated in “stone”?  I wonder?


About Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in the United Kingdom. I have a deep love for nature and open spaces and one of my great loves in life is sketching, particularly in pen and water colour and occasionally in pencil. I’m quite new at the art and I sketch mainly from photographs I’ve taken, but also enjoy outdoor sketching. My sketchbooks, although no great shakes, are important to me and I decided to create my blog in order to share some of their contents with those who may be interested.
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28 Responses to Stone and Leaves

  1. We are probably only dust to dust, Don. Our presence is marked only by those who know/knew us, and we just become a speck of dust in the eternity of nothingness in the end. But perhaps that’s better than nothing.

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    • Don says:

      If that is the case Linda, there’s something profoundly tragic about the ongoing and great human story simply hitting the wall of death, and then falling in to an eternity of nothingness. I sometimes feel the weight of this, but then I just get on with living. Surely, there must be more, or is that simply egotistical and wishful thinking. So much in life seems unfinished, so incomplete and unjust. Maybe we’ll all be surprised, if not, we won’t know any way. I simply live in a state of “not knowing.” Thank you for your words. appreciate them.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful photo , Don. I like the contrast and I like your interpretation. It makes you wonder how many leaves have past by this stone. Also, whether or not the tree might still be making new leaves after the stone has crumbled.

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  3. Dave Cenker says:

    Beautiful photo, Don. The manner in which the coming of new life (lichen) and the passing of others (brittle leaves) exist so near each other reminds me just how fragile and delicate the line is between the two. We may be transient in physical form, but I believe that some intangible piece of us is in fact preserved and carried forward in some capacity for others to observe, absorb, and proliferate in a continuing process. To me, this is the awe and wonder of Mother Nature. Thank you for sharing, Don.


  4. Love your interpretation of nature Don and great picture! In this time and age with internet and blogging and such, there’s a bit more a permanence for us, isn’t there? ❤
    Diana xo

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  5. nrhatch says:

    Nothing lasts forever ~ Soft flowing streams erode the hardest boulders.

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  6. Wonderful thoughts Don. Working in shamanism for many years I work with the rocks and stones of the land and believe these rocks hold stories of the past and wisdom for us, and I can feel this as I hold them. I think your questions are valid and I believe although our body may be transitioning through this human life, our souls perhaps hold this permanent understanding and wisdom which leads us through life and after death. It’s certainly a topic to explore and wonder about! 😀 Thankyou

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    • Don says:

      Thank you Karen. I love the way you speak about the rocks and stones holding the stories of the past and the fact that you can feel that as you hold them. It speaks of such a beautiful relationship between ourselves and nature. Thank you for your hopeful comment.

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  7. Hariod Brawn says:

    ‘Is there some sort of permanence in our transient lives? Is there some part of us also encapsulated in “stone”?’ – The only possibility – leaving aside religious cosmologies and theistic theorising – is one that David Chalmers (Cognitive Scientist) and others (Gulio Tononi et al) have mooted; that some sort of subjectivity is present in all systems of integrated information, which would include things like rocks and people. Chalmers also suggests that some kind of subjectivity/awareness may be a fundamental property of the universe, like gravity and electromagnetism. This would go some way towards explaining why we have no idea what consciousness actually is, only some rudimentary understanding of its correlations to the brain and nervous system. Great questions, Don, and a lovely image to accompany them.  

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    • Don says:

      Whenever I read one of your comments Hariod, I feel that I would love to talk to you about it. There is always such an awakening aspect to what you say and I just sense the questions arising in me. There was a time when I held to what you describe as religious cosmologies and theistic theorising, but ultimately found them to be rather simplistic, empty and shallow. There’s such a profound mystery to it all. Would love to know what you understand by, “…some sort of subjectivity is present in all systems of integrated information…” Thanks again Hariod for stirring up the questions. Much appreciated.


  8. A beautiful image for a very interesting question. Thanks for sharing.


  9. This made me reflect a lot.


  10. ladyfi says:

    You’ve captured life in a nutshell.

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  11. Bill says:

    Well said. I wonder about that too. And there’s metaphors in the moss as well.


  12. I wonder, too, Don – and hope there is.


  13. lisakunk says:

    You have a really nice way with words. Good pondering material.


  14. mary says:

    i like your thoughts …i very rarely walk by a stone of leaf that i do not stop to pick one up:)
    leaves look like feathers to me most days…i thing Mother Nature is sending messages just as feathers are a message from heaven that someone on the otherside is thinking of you…
    energy footprints are made and left when we interact with stones…leaves…nature
    we may not know for sure in our minds but our hearts will feel what we are to know…

    your photograph is stunning, you captured worlds within our world,the lichen and moss reminds me of miniature civilizations that we have yet to understand…just as we don’t always understand what we are here to in this moment….wonder if they know what we are suppose to be doing? maybe the leaves whisper for us to look closer…

    rambling aren’t i? 🙂 Thank you Don for a wonderful thinking post
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods…taking care of my mom 24/7 i don’t come on line as much…i wander through…and i will miss your thoughts and art…
    know that many will miss you
    Take Care…You Matter


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