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Stone and Leaves

The decaying leaves next to the permanence of rock are for me a symbol of transience and permanence. I’ve been touched by the age and presence of stone. Everywhere reminders of the past and the distant past stand firm and … Continue reading

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The Knocker Upper

There are some wonderful gems in British Social History. I love reading about them. Yesterday I came across what they called a “Knocker up” or “Knocker upper” probably old hat for my British friends, but certainly new and intriguing for … Continue reading

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“Back To The Future”

Happy Marty McFly Day to all. I have  such wonderful memories of sitting on the couch with our two boys watching the Trilogy “Back To The Future.” Do you remember this? Dr. Emmett Brown: Who’s President of the United States … Continue reading

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Jousting Contest

I went to a Jousting Contest the other day and so enjoyed it. I’ve never seen it before. It was quite an experience and the knights, especially the Black Knight, were so impressive in their jousting regalia, if that’s what … Continue reading

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The Wound Of “Toughness”

Some two years ago Sky News reported that 306 soldiers from World War 1 who were court-martialed for cowardice and executed, had been pardoned by the British Government. The cemetery where these men were buried was also shown. Isolated rustic … Continue reading

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What Actually Happened?

We are well in to the Oscar Pistorius trial. Tragic twists are the order of the day. What I find fascinating is the way witness testimony to the event differs. Quite amazing. Nobody sees things the same way. You’re constantly left with … Continue reading

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A Misty Morning

A Winter’s morning in Colchester.  This very ground felt the weight and scarring of Queen Boudicca’s army in her journey towards her showdown with the Roman garrison stationed at Colchester.  An amazing and tragic story of the rising up of … Continue reading

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