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Closing Blog

After much thought I’ve decided to close my blog. This will be my lost post. I have enjoyed blogging immensely, but have now reached a moment where I know I need to let go. It hasn’t been an easy decision … Continue reading

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Over Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a good thing. There’s nothing more energizing than an enthusiastic person, but please spare me the kind of artificial enthusiasm that seems to be so common nowadays. I was watching a good documentary the other night absolutely spoilt … Continue reading

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In many areas of London the graffitti is simply unimaginative, unconscious and litter-like. It does nothing to fuel life. Then you walk through areas like Brixton and Shoreditch and are greeted by a wild creativity filling walls and spaces with … Continue reading

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Letting Go

That moment: when you’ve sold your home and you close and lock the door for the last time, never to return, and all the memories, happy and sad, push themselves up against the window and watch you go.

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Back again

It’s been just over a year of absence from blogging (I was a little naive in thinking it would be less) and we are pretty well settled in the UK now. We just love the country. So very special. We’ve … Continue reading

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My son taught me his way of doing vegetables. I suspect he was getting a little tired of my way which is to bang them in to the Microwave with a bit of oil. “Dad, you’re killing the stuff. They … Continue reading

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Internet Down 2

We lost our connection but our Internet is back up again in our area and we hope this will continue. Sorry about my absence on your blogs and my engagement with you all, but there’s nothing we can really do … Continue reading

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