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Absence I’ve come to understand that absence lies at the heart of our seeing more clearly. It’s often in something’s absence that we suddenly begin to see, whatever it is, in a new light. Absence has this wonderful capacity to … Continue reading

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Outside the Window

Whenever I stand looking out of a window I’m reminded of being on the inside looking out. What I see is always limited by the frames of the window. The full picture is just not available to me. My seeing … Continue reading

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“You must get in touch with your creativity” is a statement that doesn’t sit easily with me. The older I get the more I realize it’s the other way around; creativity ardently seeks to get in touch with us. It … Continue reading

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Silence and Authority

I was watching a police officer going about his work in a rather rowdy and disruptive context. Much of the noise was abuse being hurled at him. I was touched by his silence in it all. He simply went about … Continue reading

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Finding a Lost Part

The other day I found a pen I thought I had lost and felt such a sense of celebration. It had been part of a special period in my personal history, hence the joy.  It got me thinking about those … Continue reading

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Ignorance can be a strength. The statement sounds absurd, after all, doesn’t power exploit ignorance, and doesn’t ignorance stand in the way of progress? Perhaps, but there’s something paradoxical about it. Ignorance doesn’t presuppose and certainly lacks the knowledge to … Continue reading

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Growth Can Be Dangerous

I  read the following excellent quote on Eddie Two Hawks the other day.  It really got me thinking. Just a quick share of some of the thoughts I had. “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels … Continue reading

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