The Numinous


The word “Numinous” describes that which evokes a sense of the transcendent, the mystical, or the sublime. It kind of speaks of the mysterious “other” however we experience it. The fact that it’s not something manufactured and at our beck and call, is what makes it so undomesticated and mysterious. I know in my own experience of such moments, the one thing I’ve always sensed is an incredible feeling of unity and oneness with everything around me, as if my ego has given way to something far bigger than myself. Listening to others it seems this feeling of oneness and unity is universal and not simply the prerogative of any particular religion, belief, or system of spirituality.

Above is an image I took of a place which certainly moved something in me.

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Winter Light

Our fields are full of these at the moment. I shot this in the late afternoon light. As I’ve said before the golden light of Winter is something I so enjoy.


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Architecture Speaks


The design, order and symmetry, as well as the aesthetics of this little scene touched me deeply as I walked past. There was something  beautiful and extremely peaceful about it, both outwardly and inwardly. I think the colour also had something to do with it. There’s a spirituality, or call it what you will,  in architecture that can have a profound effect on us.

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The Knocker Upper

581d8310e94ae8ddb1c4d10355704befThere are some wonderful gems in British Social History. I love reading about them. Yesterday I came across what they called a “Knocker up” or “Knocker upper” probably old hat for my British friends, but certainly new and intriguing for me and others I know. These were the guys, and I believe there were women as well, who during the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian age, were hired to tap on the windows of the homes of workers to wake them up early for the day’s work. Alarm clocks didn’t exist, they only came later. So these knocker ups or uppers were a kind of human alarm clock.

They had these long sticks for high windows, often made of bamboo, and would use them to tap on the windows to rouse the people. They also used a little truncheon-like thing for tapping on the doors, and a contraption called a “snuffer outer” used to put out the gas lamps at the same time.

Apparently, the role of the Knocker up was described in the TV series, “The Worst Jobs in History.” Not sure why it was classified in this way. I’m sure there were far worse jobs than that in Victorian England.

Pondering on all this I couldn’t help but wonder who woke the Knocker upper, up. Perhaps the Knocker upper of the knocker uppers.

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Nature’s Still Life


A Still Life, no matter how good the artist may be in setting it up, will always have something artificial about it, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. It’s just a given. I suspect it has something to do with the intentional human placement of things.

However, when it comes to Nature she has this wonderful expression of natural placement. What is there, is simply there. I so enjoy exploring this particular element in her. It does something to me. Not sure what, but it does. The image above is one I took showing what I think to be an example of this. I was fascinated by the placement, especially of the sticks. I found myself pondering on how this little scene came together.

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The World At Your Feet


The late afternoon Winter sun has a golden glow about it. I was walking through the forest behind our home and saw this on the ground. Sometimes beauty lies at our feet. I often find that looking down has rewards of its own.

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A River



This morning I stood on a bridge in Aylesford and quietly watched the Medway river running towards its oneness with the sea. I’ve been reading about the history of this river and visualized and imagined all its ancient stories written into its rocks and flowing waters. I came to the conclusion that there’s nothing more like life, than a river. I suspect this was something of what Norman Maclean felt when he wrote, ” I am haunted by waters.”

(Image taken with my mobile)

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