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The Windows of Perception

I found these words in Anthony de Mello’s wonderful little book, “Awareness.” “Everything becomes beautiful when you change. Or you look at the trees and the mountains through windows that are wet with rain from a storm, and everything looks blurred … Continue reading

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Healthy Skepticism

” It is enough that our fathers have believed. They have exhausted the faith-faculty of the species. Their legacy to us is the skepticism of which they were afraid.”     –      Oscar Wilde I don’t agree with … Continue reading

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Weekly Insight (2)

One of the great gifts of life is growing in to a sense of self that knows itself, is rested and secure, is armed against all forms of manipulation, and understands and imparts its unique contribution to life. It takes … Continue reading

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The Stillness of a Church Garden

Absolute stillness permeated this scene. Nobody was there, even the leaves on the trees were still. After taking the image I went and sat on the bench and just enjoyed the quietness. A rustling sound caught my ear and suddenly, … Continue reading

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London – Enchanted Moments

Certain places can only be described as being filled with enchantment. Although no human presence fills the space, a subtle unseen presence is felt and perceived. I’m always deeply moved by moments and places like these. It’s as if another … Continue reading

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I’m always attracted to and mesmerized by reflections in nature. They speak to me of that all important art of truly seeing and understanding yourself. I took this shot beside a little dam in the Drakensberg mountains. It was for … Continue reading

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Diving In Without Discernment

Recently it was holiday season here at the coast. One afternoon I watched a guy come down to the beach and quickly strip down to his bathing trunks. Only too aware of his audience, he flexed his muscles, then ran … Continue reading

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