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Don’t Kiss Granny or Grandad

A high-five or wave should replace a family kiss. This was suggested by Lucy Emmerson coordinator of the UK’s Sex Education Forum. Speaking to parents she advised them to stop persuading their young children to kiss a granny or an … Continue reading

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Painting With Words – A City Bombed

Standing in the midst of the ruins that was once the city she lived in, she watched as a child, washed out by war, handed a posy of flowers to his dishevelled mother. Where on earth had he found those … Continue reading

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A Womb With A View

I was reading the other day how a child round about three years old relives the trauma of its birth. Apparently the child regresses and tries to go back to being a baby, and cannot. It’s a necessary developmental thing. It’s only … Continue reading

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A Gift to Newtown, Connecticut

The Flame Lilies are in bloom again. They offer a wonderful parable in life. They’re normally found in a community of other plants. When they die after having bloomed, the whole plant dies down to its roots, or rather its … Continue reading

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Childhood Encounters

I took these shots of a bubble-blower and the children around him. John O’ Donohue describes childhood in the most beautiful way. He says: “It is the forest of first encounters to which we can never again return. We have … Continue reading

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