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Extracts From My Journal – 1

Sunday, 15 February 2015 at 23:16 No one disputes the need for morality, but I’ve often asked myself if there aren’t moments in life when we are so full of morality that there’s simply no space left for compassion. I … Continue reading

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“Doing good To All”

The phrase “doing good to all” is one I take seriously. Obviously I fail dismally, but like “doing no harm” it’s a simple guideline giving much meaning and essence to life. The phrase is not meant to sound arrogant, superior … Continue reading

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Competition – Not Conducive To Compassion

Flowers don’t compete with one another in their growth. They simply draw from a common sap and slowly begin to express themselves. Antony de Mello tells the story of a doctor who wrote about the effects of competition on his … Continue reading

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Perceiving The Whole

Some time ago a young father was tragically killed in a high-jacking.  His death was deeply traumatic and shocked the community. The behaviour that caused his death was inexcusable and the collective anger was immense. What has become very clear to all … Continue reading

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To Conquer Or To Explore, That’s The Question

It seems to me there are two basic approaches to life. First, to see life as a kind of battle to be fought, something to be conquered and overcome, a view that everything has to be overpowered and defeated if … Continue reading

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Acquiring Musical Genius Through Injury

I’ve just read about a guy by the name of Derek Amato. In 2006 he suffered a serious concussion after hitting his head in a swimming pool. Apparently he lost quite a bit of his hearing and memory. But here’s … Continue reading

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A World of Human Faces

I went to the supermarket the other day to buy some tea and a few other things. While walking along the shelves I had one of those moments of “heightened awareness.” Sounds all rather mystical and other-worldly, but I’m sure you know what … Continue reading

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