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“You must get in touch with your creativity” is a statement that doesn’t sit easily with me. The older I get the more I realize it’s the other way around; creativity ardently seeks to get in touch with us. It … Continue reading

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No Applause For Them

Driving around I’ve been amazed at the little skills people have developed for themselves, in many cases making a small living out of them. Our economic climate is such that it has forced people in to a deeper exploration of … Continue reading

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Conveyers of other People’s Thoughts and Ideas

We’ve become extremely good conveyers of other people’s thoughts and ideas, often without those thoughts even taking root within our own lives. We take them and without them ever touching our hearts, simply pass them on to others. I saw … Continue reading

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Clouds, Television and a Story

While watching an episode in a TV series, a particular scene grabbed me. A mother has a quiet moment with her daughter. She tells her that if she looks up at the clouds long enough, they’ll turn in to shapes, … Continue reading

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Art in Windsor

Walking down a street in Windsor I saw this piece and photographed it.  I loved the colour, the action and especially the shapes of the shoes.

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Darkness and Light

To many, darkness is the enemy of light. The two are always opposed to one another. I rather see a wonderful kinship between the two, the one unable to exist without the other We’re always moving from darkness in to light. Before … Continue reading

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So What Are You Going To Do With It?

So, what are you going to do with it? This was a question put to someone I know wanting to try their hand at painting. The person asking the question did so because he knew someone else who had a cupboard … Continue reading

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