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Light And Dark Holding Hands

After taking this image I found myself again wondering why we’re always encouraged to liberate ourselves from the darkness? I know it has a metaphorical meaning, but it also has the effect of always turning darkness in to an enemy. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Sunset

The sun sets on Christmas day,  and the day’s celebration gently slips in to the world of memory.

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Darkness and Light

To many, darkness is the enemy of light. The two are always opposed to one another. I rather see a wonderful kinship between the two, the one unable to exist without the other We’re always moving from darkness in to light. Before … Continue reading

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Intuition Is Like The Flash Of A Match

Just the other day I had what I can only describe as a flash of intuition. I followed it and I’m so glad I did. I think I’m learning more and more how to trust moments like these. Someone, I forget … Continue reading

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