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Our “Built-in Bullshit” Detectors

Over the week-end I saw two pieces of contrasting news. Debenhams, a leading retail chain in London, took the decision not to have any photo-shopped images on their floors. Only natural images of models would be allowed. On the other … Continue reading

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Not What It Seems To Be

Yesterday I put my foot in it. I made one of those blunders you continue to think and blush about. It was a moment of sheer surface perception and I’m still chastising myself for it. For the umpteenth time I … Continue reading

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Indeed, You Throw a Shadow

In certain parts of Africa, people wishing to show that they recognise one another fully, and that they are real to one another, will often say, “Indeed, you throw a shadow.” The phrase implies that there are people around who are … Continue reading

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Frightening Ourselves With Our Own Spooks.

The storm raged outside and I distinctly remember peeking out from under the blankets and seeing lightening flashes lighting up the room. Then I saw it, a murder being committed. Not a real one of course, but on the wall … Continue reading

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