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Painting With Words – A Child Soldier

Someone asked me about the “Painting With Words” post – the previous post. In response I’d like to share a brief word of explanation. I’m sure we all grasp the power and descriptive efficacy of words, so the posts are … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life turns, sunrise, sunset; the view changes, but the centre holds.

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Gathering Around The Supper Table

Listening to a Sky News report on the declining influence of the supper table and its impact on the break down of British family life, got me thinking. Let’s face it, too often these little surveys can be exagerrated and … Continue reading

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The Picture Hanging On The Wall

Today I got our painting back, a Volschenk print, valueless and faded, but clean with a new backing. I’m absolutely stoked. It’s now on the wall where I can see it from every angle. Why? because there’s a story behind … Continue reading

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My Coming Back To Peanut Butter

Watched the movie “Meet Joe Black” for the umpteenth time the other night. The moment he took the spoon crammed with peanut butter and ladled it in to his mouth, I made a mental note – I want some! I … Continue reading

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