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The Numinous

The word “Numinous” describes that which evokes a sense of the transcendent, the mystical, or the sublime. It kind of speaks of the mysterious “other” however we experience it. The fact that it’s not something manufactured and at our beck … Continue reading

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Being Misunderstood

Being understood was the subject of my last post. Lets balance it a little. Constantly being understood must surely lead to a degree of boredom and mediocrity. Can I really become so predictable and calculable that not an ounce of … Continue reading

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To “Look” for Meaning

I’ve often heard people say that we need to look for the meaning or try and find the meaning in what life presents us with, as if meaning is something always hidden waiting to be looked for and found. I’m … Continue reading

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A Mindful Moment

I stood on the rocks. The day was bright and the sea still and glass-like. Looking out to the horizon I felt the sheer stillness of the moment. Then just beyond the soft swell, the water, as if touched by … Continue reading

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“Mystical” Tree Ferns

Tree ferns have a kind of ethereal look about them, especially when the light catches them in a particular way. I was in the Umgeni Birdpark recently and saw these. Standing there with my camera, this little scene communicated an … Continue reading

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The Mystery Of Change

I came across these words by Malcolm Muggeridge: “When I look back on my life nowadays, which I sometimes do, what strikes me most forcibly about it is what seemed at the time most significant and seductive, seems now most … Continue reading

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