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A Bit Of Wilde – 2

Oscar Wilde held firmly to the “Artist’s View” of life. Just a word about this view. You don’t have to be an artist to follow it. It’s simply a way of perceiving and seeing the world around you. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Bit of Wilde – 1

You’ve probably gathered by now that Oscar Wilde is a favourite of mine. One of the great conversationalists of the world, if not the greatest, whose writing is as fresh now as it was when he wrote. Outlandish, unconventional and … Continue reading

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Being Misunderstood

Being understood was the subject of my last post. Lets balance it a little. Constantly being understood must surely lead to a degree of boredom and mediocrity. Can I really become so predictable and calculable that not an ounce of … Continue reading

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Healthy Skepticism

” It is enough that our fathers have believed. They have exhausted the faith-faculty of the species. Their legacy to us is the skepticism of which they were afraid.”     –      Oscar Wilde I don’t agree with … Continue reading

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Weekly Insight (2)

One of the great gifts of life is growing in to a sense of self that knows itself, is rested and secure, is armed against all forms of manipulation, and understands and imparts its unique contribution to life. It takes … Continue reading

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Delusional, or Just Plain Confident.

Oscar Wilde, whose writing it is said was way ahead of its time, was a fascinating character, contentious, outrageous, yet prophetic and challenging. It was his inflated perception of himself that made him larger than life and so ludicrous to … Continue reading

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