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Painting With Words – A Child Soldier

Someone asked me about the “Painting With Words” post – the previous post. In response I’d like to share a brief word of explanation. I’m sure we all grasp the power and descriptive efficacy of words, so the posts are … Continue reading

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Beauty – Not Prescriptive or Demanding

For me, Beauty, and I don’t mean glamour as defined by the fashion world or the media or Hollywood etc., lies at the heart of all things, even that which is flawed. Beauty holds within itself truth and goodness, but … Continue reading

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We Greet You

A wild and mysterious elegance, Shaped with huge patience In depths invisible, Beyond our knowing; We greet you.

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London – Enchanted Moments

Certain places can only be described as being filled with enchantment. Although no human presence fills the space, a subtle unseen presence is felt and perceived. I’m always deeply moved by moments and places like these. It’s as if another … Continue reading

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Frightening Ourselves With Our Own Spooks.

The storm raged outside and I distinctly remember peeking out from under the blankets and seeing lightening flashes lighting up the room. Then I saw it, a murder being committed. Not a real one of course, but on the wall … Continue reading

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Waiting at the Airport

Sitting in the departure lounge I watched as they towed our plane into its bay for its flight preparation to London. What a sight it was. I imagined all the technical intricacies and design in that sleek body, ready to … Continue reading

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