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Outside the Window

Whenever I stand looking out of a window I’m reminded of being on the inside looking out. What I see is always limited by the frames of the window. The full picture is just not available to me. My seeing … Continue reading

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Extracts From My Journal – 2

Now that we have made the decision to leave the country, I’ve noticed that my experience of my surroundings has become intensified. I seem to be seeing deeper in to the beauty of things which in turn is creating a … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life turns, sunrise, sunset; the view changes, but the centre holds.

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I saw this old weather-beaten chair in the back garden of a house. There it stood with a dignity of its own and a desire to be used – almost invitational in wanting someone to sit in it. I’m always … Continue reading

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Childhood Encounters

I took these shots of a bubble-blower and the children around him. John O’ Donohue describes childhood in the most beautiful way. He says: “It is the forest of first encounters to which we can never again return. We have … Continue reading

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The Stillness of a Church Garden

Absolute stillness permeated this scene. Nobody was there, even the leaves on the trees were still. After taking the image I went and sat on the bench and just enjoyed the quietness. A rustling sound caught my ear and suddenly, … Continue reading

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Our Senses – Sight and our Inner and Outer World

I’ve come to understand in a deeper way that looking at, or seeing something, always entails absorbing it, in some way or other, in to our own inner world with its particular prejudices, insecurities and limitations. Because of this our … Continue reading

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