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The Numinous

The word “Numinous” describes that which evokes a sense of the transcendent, the mystical, or the sublime. It kind of speaks of the mysterious “other” however we experience it. The fact that it’s not something manufactured and at our beck … Continue reading

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From My Notebook

Some words from Eckhart Tolle I’ve found to be deeply meaningful. Not easy to live out, but I believe, to be at the heart of life.

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A Chapel

This is a shot I took of the altar area of a chapel in England. Apart from the sheer beauty of it, I was struck by the colours and the marvellous perpendiculars and horizontals in the image.

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Painting With Words – A Child Soldier

Someone asked me about the “Painting With Words” post – the previous post. In response I’d like to share a brief word of explanation. I’m sure we all grasp the power and descriptive efficacy of words, so the posts are … Continue reading

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Childhood Encounters

I took these shots of a bubble-blower and the children around him. John O’ Donohue describes childhood in the most beautiful way. He says: “It is the forest of first encounters to which we can never again return. We have … Continue reading

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An Old Soul

You often hear people referring to someone as being, “an old soul.” The “old” part has really got nothing to do with age, but rather with life experience. This image I took, spoke to me of a symbolic expression of … Continue reading

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Beauty – Not Prescriptive or Demanding

For me, Beauty, and I don’t mean glamour as defined by the fashion world or the media or Hollywood etc., lies at the heart of all things, even that which is flawed. Beauty holds within itself truth and goodness, but … Continue reading

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